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Senate Passes Pennsylvania CARES Act Distribution Plan

COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact all across the Commonwealth, straining community services and draining vital resources. A package of bills advanced by the Senate allocates $2.6 billion in Pennsylvania’s federal CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) funding for critical needs created by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Senate overwhelmingly passed SB 1108, which appropriates a portion of CARES Act funding the Commonwealth received.. Funding will provide necessary relief to county and local governments, community service providers, first responders, educational institutions, food banks and programs and services for the most vulnerable Pennsylvanians, specifically those in nursing homes, all of which were directly affected by the COVID-19 virus.

The funding in the package includes:

  • $692 million for long-term living services providers.
  • $625 million for counties that did not receive a direct subsidy from the federal government.
    •  –Lehigh County will receive $33m, the third highest allotment in the state.
  • $260 million for providers of intellectual disability and autism services.
  • $225 million to help Pennsylvania’s small businesses recover.
  • $175 million to provide rent and mortgage assistance to low- and middle–income families impacted by the pandemic.
  • $150 million to help school districts meet the challenges created by COVID-19 through school safety and security funding.
  • $116 million for child-care services.
  • $72.2 million to support higher education students.
  • $50 million to support first responders.
  • $40 million for agricultural and food insecurity programs.
  • $28 million for community programs, including domestic violence programs ($10 million), homeless assistance ($10 million) and legal services ($8 million).
  • $20 million for Cultural and Museum organizations.
  • $9 million for early childhood education programs ($7 million for Pre-K Counts and $2 million for Head Start Supplemental Assistance

The release of this funding is a vital first step in providing the necessary resources to get our communities, businesses and all Pennsylvanians back on a path to recovery after the devastating COVID-19 health crisis.

In addition to the appropriations in Senate Bill 1108, Senate Bill 1122 and House Bill 2510 are the two other pieces of the package of bills and they provide further direction on how CARES Act funding  is to be distribute throughout the Commonwealth. 

Senator Browne Speaks in Favor of the Pennsylvania CARES Act Distribution Plan

I spoke on the floor of the Senate in support of the $2.6 billion Pennsylvania CARES Act appropriations plan that myself, as Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, developed with other Senate and House Leadership and the governor to direct funding to local governments, community service providers, first responders and food banks that have been impacted by the COVID-19 virus. The plan, which can be view HERE, was passed unanimously by the state Senate.

You can watch my floor comments HERE.

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