Sen. Browne Honored for Early Childhood Education Caucus Leadership

Named ‘2020 Legislative Champion’ by State Education Advocates

Lehigh Valley, PA – Senator Pat Browne has been honored as a “Legislative Champion” by state education advocates for his work as chairman of Pennsylvania’s bipartisan, bicameral Early Childhood Education (ECE) Caucus.

Browne (R-16), the co-founder and co-chair of the Early Childhood Education Caucus, said that he was honored to have been selected and pleased with the progress that the Commonwealth is making in prioritizing high-quality early education in order to ensure it is available to all Pennsylvanian families.

“I am humbled to have been selected by this distinguished group of education advocates as a ‘Legislative Champion’,” said Senator Browne, who is also the Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman. “Since its creation in 2010, the Early Childhood Education Caucus has been a leading voice for the advancement of high-quality early education for the children of the Commonwealth. We remain committed to our guiding principle that early childhood education is a worthwhile investment which pays tremendous dividends to Pennsylvania’s communities and our state’s overall economic wellbeing.

“Resources devoted to this cause gives an extra boost that many children need to help them succeed in school and later in life. I am proud of the progress we have made as we continue to work towards the goal of providing early educational opportunities to every child.”

Receiving “Legislative Champion” awards along with Senator Browne are state Reps. Pat Harkins (D-Erie), and Mark Longietti (D-Mercer) and former state Rep. Phyllis Mundy (D-Luzerne).

“Senator Browne’s leadership is unparalleled as a proponent of high-quality early care and education for Pennsylvania’s children,” Jen DeBell, Executive Director of Pennsylvania Association for the Education of Young Children. “In addition to being a founding and current chair of the General Assembly’s bipartisan, bicameral Early Childhood Education Caucus, he is a tireless advocate for prioritizing early learning programs in state budget and policy decisions. The early childhood community is fortunate to have such a committed leader and we are pleased to honor him for all his efforts.”

Over the course of his career, Senator Browne has served in numerous leadership positions for the advancement of education in Pennsylvania. He has served as chairman of the Basic Education Funding Commission, Special Education Funding Commission, Higher Education Funding Commission and the PA Public School Building and Construction and Reconstruction Advisory Committee (PlanCon), among other roles.

The awards were presented by principal partners of Pre-K for PA, Start Strong PA and Childhood Begins at Home on behalf of Early Learning PA – a coalition of advocates supporting Pennsylvanians from birth to age five. The virtual awards ceremony took place on Monday, Oct. 19 as part of a special session of the 2020 Early Childhood Education Summit.


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