Senator Browne to Host School Safety Roundtable Discussion

The Senate Majority Policy Committee will hold a public roundtable discussion with Senator Pat Browne and local stakeholders on school safety efforts.

Southern Lehigh School District
High School Board Room
5775 Main Street
Center Valley, PA 18034

Wednesday, September 12 at 1 p.m.

Senator Pat Browne (R-16), Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee
Senator David Argall (R-29), Chairman of the Senate Majority Police Committee
Members of the Senate Majority Policy Committee

Additional Information:

The Senate Majority Police Committee, chaired by Senator David Argall, has been traveling across the state meeting with stakeholders, including school district administrators, teachers, members of the law enforcement community and lawmakers to discuss School Safety funding and initiatives. To watch live, click here.

The public roundtable will feature a discussion on recently-passed legislation as well as pending proposals awaiting action in the General Assembly that address school safety. The roundtable will also have a strong focus on new solutions from local stakeholders that will assist schools dealing with safety concerns.

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