Senate Majority Whip Pat Browne recently held a “Senator for a Day” student government workshop at Muhlenberg College for local high school students. The workshop was featured in this month’s installment of “The Browne Report” television show.

“Senator for a Day,” a yearly program Senator Browne hosts, provides an opportunity for high school students to get a taste of what it is like to be a state legislator and how the legislative process works in Pennsylvania. Students are given an opportunity to participate in the full process of passing a bill.

“This is the 7th ‘Senator for a Day’ I have hosted and the students are always engaged and interested,” Senator Browne said. “For many students, this may be their first real opportunity to see how the legislative process works. I have really enjoyed the chance to share insights into what happens in Harrisburg with high school students in my district.”

Following Senator Browne’s explanation of the legislative process, students from five local high schools were split up into groups modeled after Senate Committees, with each committee discussing two pieces of legislation. This year’s committees were Education, Finance and Judiciary.

Each committee formed two groups with one group in favor of the bills and the other opposed to them as originally written. The student legislators proposed amendments, voted on those amendments and voted on whether or not to pass each piece of legislation. During the committee portion of the workshop, Muhlenberg College students helped Senator Browne’s staff act as lobbyists to show the students how groups seek legislators’ support or opposition for legislation that matters to their organization.

Once the committee portion ended, the day culminated with all the students, acting as the Senate body, voting on each piece of legislation that was passed out of the three committees to see if it had enough votes to pass the Senate.

“It is important for our young people to see and understand how our government works,” Senator Browne said. “The fact that they can actually participate in the process and help decide whether one of these bills passes a mock session is wonderful. We provide them with the starting point for legislation. They decide where the legislation goes from there. It’s an eye-opening experience for our student Senators.”

Participating in this year’s “Senator for a Day” were: Allentown Central Catholic High School; Louis E. Dieruff High School; Northwestern High School; Parkland High School; and William Allen High School.

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