Pennsylvania State Museum featured on “The Browne Report”

Senate Majority Whip Pat Browne’s recent visit and tour of the Civil War Exhibit at the Pennsylvania Museum in Harrisburg is featured during this month’s installment of “The Browne Report” television show.

Senator Browne was led on a tour of the exhibit by Jim Vaughn, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, and Bradley Smith, Curator for the museum. Around 40,000-50,000 students visit the museum each year.

“It is necessary for our current generation and for future generations to appreciate and understand the journey Pennsylvania has taken over the past 300-plus years to get where it is today,” Senator Browne said. “In order to do that, you need facilities and exhibits that allow for these stories to be told. We have an amazing facility right across from the state capitol here in Harrisburg at the Pennsylvania Museum.

“One of the more important exhibits the museum will have this year coincides with the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War. These exhibits depict Pennsylvanians’ participation in the Civil War, including the most important battle of the Civil War – Gettysburg.”

The Civil War exhibit includes many paintings that show battlefield conflicts including a large painting of Pickett’s Charge called “The Battle of Gettysburg” that was completed in 1871. The museum includes artifacts that came from Pennsylvanians after they participated in the war. There is artillery from battles along with uniforms, medals and flags. General John Geary’s complete military uniform is on display at the museum. Geary would eventually become Governor of Pennsylvania from 1867-1873.

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