Legislators honor Emmaus Hornets fitness team

Boys and girls squads capture team, individual national honors

Local state legislators honored and officially recognized the Emmaus Boys and Girls Fitness Teams for their impressive performance in sweeping the team and individual championships at the annual Marine Corps Physical Fitness National Championship Competition sponsored by the United States Marines Youth Foundation.

The squads were recognized and presented with citations for their exemplary achievement at the 2010 Youth Physical Fitness Championship in May, by state Senators Bob Mensch and Pat Browne and state Representatives Doug Reichley and Justin Simmons.

In addition to sweeping the team competitions, Emmaus High sophomore, Alex Fruhwirth, was crowned the 2011 National Female Individual Champion.  Senior Jake O’Donnell won the title of 2011 National Male Individual Champion after posting a new individual points-record with a perfect score of 500 points.  This accomplishment is the first perfect score in the forty-six year history of the United States Marine Youth Foundation Fitness Program.

“Dedication and discipline are the hallmarks for success in life, and these outstanding representatives of our community have shown both qualities in abundance through this achievement,” said Senator Mensch.  “I am proud to congratulate these fine young people and salute their effort, which is a great reflection upon themselves, their elders and our region. I also thank the United States Marine Youth Foundation for organizing this great event.”

High school students from across the nation competed in five events — broad jump, pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, and a shuttle run.

“These young men and women have shown a tremendous amount of dedication and determination,” Senator Browne said. “I commend them on their success and for being shining examples for their school, their community and their state.”

Complementing the championship performances of Fruhwirth and O’Donnell, all of the team members achieved high scores in the individual girls and boys competitions.

Also competing were Carmela Adamo, Nino Adamo, Lindsey Bray, Dante Downey, Cameron Krieger, Will Martinez, Steve McCabe, Kyler McGovern, Meghan Melnick, Sam O’Donnell, Devon Parikh, Chris Picarello, Emma Schubzda, Nate Tannous and Brielle Weida.

“It’s great to see these young people dedicating themselves to a rigorous level of physical and academic achievement,” said Representative Reichley.  “Emmaus should be proud of this accomplishment and the national attention it attracts to the school district for so many years in a row now.”

Students in grades 9-12 are eligible to participate in state, regional and national physical fitness competitions sponsored by the United States Marines Youth Foundation. Winners from the state competition advance to regional events. Regional winners earn a spot at the National High School Physical Fitness Championships held in San Diego each spring.

“These young people are to be congratulated for their dedication to training and teamwork,” said Representative Simmons.  “They exemplify the level of physical fitness that will help to keep us a strong and healthy nation.  Their impressive feat shows what is possible when one maintains a healthy lifestyle.  Let’s hope it serves as an example for others to do the same.”


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