Senate Approves Senator Browne’s Tanning Salon Bill

Senate Bill 460 would require licensing, parental consent for minors

The Senate approved Senate Bill 460, legislation introduced by Senator Pat Browne (R-16), intended to improve safety at tanning salons and require parental consent for minors.

“Medical studies continue to show that early and excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation, from the sun or artificial sources, greatly increases the likelihood of skin cancer in later years,” Senator Browne said. “This legislation will provide greater assurance that consumers are protected and are making more informed decisions when choosing to use the services of a tanning facility.”

“This legislation enacts common sense guidelines,” Senator Browne continued. “It will require that these businesses operate under a licensing arrangement and that their management and staff are properly trained in the use of the equipment. It will ensure that patrons are advised of potential hazards and that minors have parental consent.”

Specific provisions of the Indoor Tanning Regulation Act include:

  • Requires that each customer receive a written warning statement that must be signed prior to initial exposure. The warning statement shall address eye protection, overexposure, repeated exposure risks, causes of skin sensitivity, information relating to prescription or over-the-counter-drugs and related warnings.
  • Requires operators to instruct customers on positioning, safety railings, termination switches and the maximum exposure time. Requires operators to recognize the skin type of the customer based on the Fitzpatrick scale and to recommend exposure times.
  • Requires operators to maintain records of customer visits. Records must be maintained for three years.
  • Requires minors 14 to 18 years of age to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Requires the parent to sign the warning statement. Persons under 14 must have written permission from a licensed physician.
  • Requires operators to complete a training program. Requires owners and managers to pass a certification exam before operating a facility or training employees.
  • Prohibits promotional materials that claim a tanning device is safe or free from risk.

Senate Bill 460 now goes to the House of Representatives for consideration.



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